School During Eating Disorder Treatment? Not To Worry

During the school year, families are sometimes hesitant to have their child enter treatment in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) because they are worried about time away from school. The teachers at Kartini School understand your concern. 

Often, our patients are super-conscientious students who have done very well in school. They take advanced classes, and they get good grades. What will happen if they are not at their school, parents wonder?

Kartini teachers help students stay on track in their classes by working closely with their school during treatment. Kartini School, as an Oregon Alternative School, is partnered with many school districts around the state. As a result, students stay enrolled.

Our goal is to help students understand the concepts they are studying and enable them to fit in smoothly with their classmates, without missing a beat, when they return to school. These high achieving students almost always do just that!

Sometimes, we see kids who have not been doing well in school because of their health and/or COVID-related, less-than-perfect online school experiences.

Again, please don’t worry. When a student needs to catch up, we take that seriously. Many students missed key concepts over the past few years. We work with these students, one-on-one, to fill in the gaps.

So, do not delay critical medical treatment because of concerns about school. Whether your child is at the top of their class, or wondering if they can graduate, we will work with them and provide the support they need to be the best student they can be.