Anorexia Treatment

Treatment for anorexia nervosa should always include proper medical care and supervision. Because of the intensive nature of evidence-based eating disorder treatment, medical supervision should not be attempted in a primary care setting (i.e. your general doctor or pediatrician) or by any physician not specifically trained in eating disorder treatment. Prompt, adequate weight restoration while avoiding the very serious complication of refeeding syndrome, and including control of brain nutrition is essential for effective treatment of anorexia in children.

If your child is seeing a primary care physician or pediatrician or is in a treatment program and not gaining weight within two weeks of admission, you should strongly consider another program. Weight gain is the essential foundation of recovery, especially in children.

Once medical stabilization has been achieved and weight restored to within 95% of normal weight for your child, other, longer-term treatments, such as individual and family-centered psychotherapy, may be introduced. A recent study has concluded that family-centered psychotherapy, in conjunction with medical management, is the most effective known form of treatment for anorexia in children.

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