Virtual Intensive Outpatient (VIOP)

We are thrilled to announce that our new Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP) is now accepting patients! Kartini Clinic’s VIOP is a step-down from the partial hospitalization program (PHP) level of care. As with our traditional IOP program (also still available) admission to VIOP is based on successful completion of the treatment goals of PHP, such as weight restoration, return to good social functioning, acquisition of coping skills for anxiety reduction, compliance with ordered eating and parental education.

Kartini Clinic‘s VIOP is currently offered M-W-Fr, from 3pm to 6pm. Some highlights of the program include:

Family Centered Care: Our fantastic VIOP team meets with parents for an orientation prior to beginning the program, and checks-in with parents on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the program. 

Continuity of Care: VIOP is able to help transition children back to school and life, while utilizing their coping tools and incorporating the skills they learned in PHP into their everyday lives.

Setting Kids Up for Success: VIOP groups include distress tolerance skills, self-esteem, goal setting and tracking, and building positive connections 

While the PHP level of care can be vital, most children do not complete treatment at home. With VIOP they can now experience going home and having meals with their families. 

This can bring up a lot of situations that they have not worked through yet with their Family Therapists or Milieu staff, as well as provide a safe place to process the return to school.

And as always at Kartini Clinic, families continue to have their whole treatment team available to them virtually during those first few weeks back home.

For more information about Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient programs, please contact our intake coordinators, at 971-319-6800. You may also submit an online request below. We answer all requests promptly.