Food Phobia

Food phobia is the term we use for sudden, acute food refusal in children. It’s also sometimes referred to as “functional dysphagia” or “psychotic food refusal.” It’s characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms such as:

  • Refusal to chew or swallow any food or liquids
  • Spitting of food
  • A fear of choking

Kartini Clinic’s program, the nation’s first standardized pediatric treatment protocol for food phobia, focuses on involving the family in care, removing the patient from an inpatient setting at the earliest opportunity, and returning them to their community as quickly as possible. For more on food phobia, check out Dr. O’Toole’s blog; there you can also search our blog archives using search term ‘food phobia’. 

If you are looking for eating disorder help or would like more information about our food phobia treatment program, please call us at 971-319-6800 and speak to our intake coordinator. For your convenience, you may also submit an online request below. We answer all requests promptly.