Max and Merry Christmas

We just graduated an 11 year old boy from the Kartini Clinic and on his way out, proudly, he showed me a project he had been working on. He was supposed to build and design his own box of cereal and then promote it.

And since his cereal box is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen, I have to share it with you; he of course gave me permission to do so. Merry Christmas.


The front of his box: “Max’s marvelous o[a]ts” with exhortation: “Allwase be coo











The back of his cereal box. I especially love “100% Me”.

Now, I have to say that I would be proud if I were able to draw such a fabulous self-portrait as he did. But how great is the “teck expert”! And it’s true.

Would that all of our kids could absorb some of this eleven-year-old’s self confidence: smart, “teck expert”, kind, nice, fair and funny! And he’s right, that’s exactly what he is.

So treatment can be successful, and the kids are pretty much always wonderful. Enjoy!