I always direct people concerned about eating disorders in their kids to Kartini's site, whether or not they decide it is the right...
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The Kartini Clinic Treatment Model

Kartini Clinic is a medical and mental health treatment facility dedicated exclusively to the treatment of eating disorders in children and young adults. We take a medical approach to the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or food phobia, as well as those whose disordered eating contributes to obesity or wasting conditions.

Kartini Clinic's multi-disciplinary staff of pediatricians and licensed therapists is one of the most experienced in the country, with over 1900 patients diagnosed and treated since 1998. Please visit our Staff page for an introduction to our staff and their credentials. For more information on our treatment programs please feel free to submit a confidential online request or simply call us on 503 249 8851 and ask for our intake coordinator. We'll have someone on the line to help you in minutes.

Before you continue browsing the rest of the web site please take a moment to watch our diagnostic video on how to recognize eating disorder symptoms in children. We also recommend that you take a minute to read Dr. Julie O'Toole's blog. A primary care pediatrician for 15 years before founding the Kartini Clinic and serving as its current medical director Dr. O'Toole comments on the latest research and clinical advances in the field of pediatric eating disorders.

Eating Disorders

is a neuro-biological brain disorder with a strong heritability component.

is marked by recurrent episodes of binge eating along with purging behaviors.

is acute food refusal marked by a fear of swallowing, choking or vomiting

Eating Disorder Treatment

We offer the following programs for children and young adults, male and female, ages 6 to 22

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